About us

Providing the future of communication

Our work is driven by a permanent will to find innovative processes that can better ensure the scalability and resilience of what we offer.

With an ongoing determination to keep in sight the latest technologies, we can consistently deliver new products and competitive answers to the market.

Working with us, brings efficiency to all your communications.

Why ITCenter

Everything connected

What we do

ITCenter develops and supplies communication and security solutions for the Service Provider industry.

Our mission

To develop innovative technological solutions, adding value to customer business.

Our values

• Proximity
• Innovation
• Trust
• People

Our vision

To grow in a sustained way, while valuing our human resources. To create and maintain satisfied customers that make our products and services a national and international reference.

Our expertise

• Software development
• Cloud, OpenStack and NFV/SDN
• Support & Maintenance
• Consulting & Professional services
• Network & Security engineering
• Value-Added Reselling

Our strenghts

• Highly skilled Engineers
• Rigorous development process
• High quality deliverables
• Sustained investment in R&D


Latest recognitions


Digium Innovation Award

Digium Innovation Award

2010 - USA

The world's biggest distinction in the VoIP area on open source technologies.
Best Case Study

Best Case Study

2010 - Spain

The distinction was awarded to the VoIP solution present in Portuguese universities.


Kamailio World Awards

Kamailio World Awards

2011 / 2014 - Germany

ITCenter built a VoIP core platform with Kamailio routing the SIP traffic, relying on OpenStack to offer the elasticity to scale based on load demands.


Best Companies to Work

Best Companies to Work

2012-2014 / 2016-2018 - Portugal

ITCenter has been selected 6 times to integrate the list of the Best Companies to Work in Portugal.
Best SME in Services

Best SME in Services

2018 - Portugal

In the list of the 1000 greatest SME, ITCenter was considered the best company in the Services sector.
Best performance in ICT

Best performance in ICT

2018 - Portugal

Expresso and Caixa Geral de Depósitos distinguished ITCenter for its performance in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies.
Mejor partner

Mejor partner

2018 - Portugal

ITCenter was considered the best partner by both A10 Networks and Allot Communications, not only for the sales volume achieved but for the strategic projects developed.


Cisco Gold Certified Partner in Portugal

Cisco Gold Certified Partner in Portugal

We accomplished the highest Cisco Partner Program Certification. ITCenter (SHAR SA) is now certified as Cisco Gold Certified Partner! This certification reinforces our position as a Cisco solution integrator!

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