• Chief Executive Officer

    Sérgio Castro

    "As ITCenter’s business leader, I’ve been fully committed to this adventure since we’ve started. I’m always willing to go a step further for this company, to take a chance on an opportunity I find of value and to focus my efforts on making sure we are ready to face new and bigger challenges everyday."

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Ruben Sousa

    "Leading technology and innovation since day one, I’ve always tried to combine my technical knowledge with my insights on what the market needs. By doing so, I have proudly been the driving force for the creativity behind the conception of every one of our solutions."

  • Product Manager

    Paulo Santos

    "I consider myself a bit of a zen element within this company - I’m committed to build trust on all teams I take part of, to encourage and preserve stability as a product evolves and to deliver impeccable results."

  • Product Manager

    Carlos Almeida

    "As a bridge between client and development, I’m committed to continuously transport the vision of a product into the daily work and to steer the team as best as I can towards innovative features that provide clear value to the users we serve."

  • Team Leader

    Pedro Pinho

    "Since the first years, I have adjusted my work contribution to what the company needed at each stage. Having gained my space as development leader, I shield my team from external interferences and make sure everyone delivers the best work possible."

  • PMO Manager

    Cristiana Santos

    "My responsibility as PMO Manager is to bring the company’s vision to a successful outcome. I work everyday to ensure all outlined strategies are well underway and all involved parts are clearly aware of their expected contributions."

  • Support Manager

    Ricardo Gonçalves

    "I joined ITCenter to embrace the challenge of creating and leading a support team. Throughout the years, I’ve managed to successfully organize my team and provide clear methodologies that generated business value around what currently is a profitable and sustainable department."

  • Financial & Administrative Assistant

    Cristiana Alves

    "I’ve been part of the ITCenter journey from the very beginning and since then responsible for all financial and bureaucratic actions. As the leader for all administrative processes, it is very gratifying to have helped defining the structure on which this company was able to grow - and to keep contributing as we keep evolving."

  • Cloud Infrastructure Manager

    Rui Teixeira

    "I focus on expanding the business area on which our solutions can prove their strengths and benefits. I believe to have brought credibility and professionalism to my department and to have helped my team rise up to greater challenges."

  • Commercial & Sales Manager

    Hugo Moreira

    "I dedicate all my efforts to match our products and solutions with what the market seeks, to translate what we do into tangible, practical and serviceable value. I truly believe in the quality of our work and for that I aim to create and sustain the best synergies between ITCenter and our clients."

  • Marketing & Communications Consultant

    Raquel Nogueira

    "As the person in charge for both internal and external communications, my goal is to bring all sides of the company together in a balanced cooperation. And as responsible for HR processes, I ensure every team player is heard and all valuable ideas get turned into actions."

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Job Application

Develop innovative technological solutions, adding value to customer business, in order be a reference in IT global market

Open Offers
  • SIP developer

    Main responsibilities:
    • Design and development of SIP integration solutions

    Work location: Santa Maria da Feira

  • Backend/Frontend Dev

    Work location: Funchal, Madeira



    Internal activities

    Work like a captain
    play like a pirate

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    Outdoor activities

    Paintball (July, 2017)
    Rafting (April, 2018)