Cisco Meraki Managed Services


Why is networking so heavy on my business?

No business can thrive without setting up a strong and reliable network, which typically depends on an upscale hardware investment. And once settled, managing a company’s network can easily consume great amounts of your time, money and energy. Something so fundamental for your business’ productivity shouldn’t be so heavy – and it isn’t, when you’re served by our Cisco Meraki Managed Services.

Free your business from the heavy-lifting. Ensure your networks grow with your business needs.


Why Cisco Meraki?

ITCenter can efficiently manage any company’s network using the industry leader Cisco Meraki. This powerful networking, switching and security solution allows for simplified 100% cloud-managed IT.


Expert-level security with no training required

With Cisco Meraki you don’t need a team of experts to rest assured your business is protected.


Why ITCenter?

Choosing ITCenter to manage your company’s networking is relying on a certified Cisco Gold partner to be your trusted advisor. Our Managed Services approach aims to provide a continuous and decisive support to our clients. To be a service provider as reliable as the networks we manage. Besides including the consulting, design and on-site implementation of the client’s Meraki network, our offer adds some imperative benefits.

Cisco Gold Partner

Simply put, this certification recognises ITCenter for both our expertise on key areas and for our high level of customer satisfaction. As Cisco service providers, we work to substantiate this certification into effective results – for each and every one of our customers.

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