Hardware Maintenance


Would you risk disrupting your business?

A simple failure on your data center hardware is enough to interrupt your service for an indefinite time. You know being offline costs you a lot, but ensuring your hardware’s performance is far from easy. It either costs great time and effort from your team or an upscale investment you cannot engage in. But with our service, you can protect your IT at a cost-effective price.

Stop taking chances. Protect your hardware with our service.



How does the service work? 

Our service covers server, storage, and network equipments. Every time an equipment in your data center fails, you simply place a call and our team will promptly solve the problem within the service level you’ve selected. The service includes on-site visit, labor, and parts, so there’s no additional cost for any reparation.

Which service levels are available?

We can go up to a 4-hour response time in a 24/7 availability, but the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is as flexible as you need it to be – allowing you to define different levels to match the priorities attached to your equipments.



What type of maintenance is included?

Our service is based on third-party maintenance (TPM), an increasingly preferred option that minimizes costs and extends the life of equipments. But we know the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support can be the better option in given scenarios. Therefore, in the initial setup, we carefully analyze your data center and help you define which maintenance type suits each equipment. In the end, you get a customized service that’s still respectful of your interests.

Should I be afraid of TPM?

Not at all. The business advantages of choosing TPM over OEM maintenance are quite evident. In August 2019, a Gartner report estimated that “TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off net OEM support prices”. Add the indirect cost savings of extending the life of your IT and escaping OEM post-warranty maintenance increases, and it’s clear why TPM is an option to consider.



How does a SPOC help my business?

Your data center combines multiple brands and models, so whenever a device fails, you need to be on top of every contract specificity and reporting procedure instructions to handle the situation as needed – exhausting to say the least. But all this can be easily avoided. By acting as your Single Point of Contact, our team takes the lead as soon as you call and centers all efforts on solving your problem, so you can use your time and energy on your business.

Can my hardware failures be predicted?

You can expand the service efficiency by adding monitoring capabilities, therefore empowering the service with a preventive type of maintenance. By monitoring your data center equipments, our team is able to detect pre-failure signs and act in advance to reduce the impact of predictable failures on your service.

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